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Japanese doesn't "really" have plurals so when they need/want to specify, they add in extra words that make the meaning clear. For example, "a bunch/group of", "ten", "diverse types", "all", "every", "countless". Usually people feel confused about this, but we have the same thing in English.

In a phrase like "every dog has its day", we know we're actually talking about multiple (countless) dogs even though we're using the singular "dog". In "they said that's their hat" we assume "they" refers to one single person because probably multiple people aren't sharing a single hat. But in "they announced it on the news" we can assume multiple people because we're referring to the multiple people who work at the news station.

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Hey guys, I've started making a list of example sentences for JLPT grammar points, I'm pulling them from anime, manga, fanfic, chatrooms, Twitter etc. They're in no particular order aside from general JLPT level. As I find better examples I'll update this list, feel free to add your own!

[JP] = Japanese explanation (when I can think of one).

{word} = Where I've seen it used. Only for hard-to-find grammar points that even if you watch anime/read stuff you might not find easily.

EDIT: Note that nuance is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT between dialects, standard (Tokyo) Japanese and anime! Ex. in anime わし "I" is only used by old people, but in Hiroshima even kids use it. In anime おれ "I" is constantly used by men; but IRL it's rude or used by women. Anime "gangster-talk" was borrowed from dialectal movies, so ex. while in anime うるせー is the rude/gangster way to say うるさい, in many dialects it's just the normal way.

Last updated: 2017.08.16

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